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Our Classes

Our classrooms are designed for children ages 3 – 5.  Our state Licensing ensures a classroom full of manipulatives and hands-on activities for all to explore and enjoy.

Two classes to choose from: Both focus on developmental growth in all five areas listed.  Incorporating a two year, rotating, thematic curriculum that gives the foundations of reading, writing, math and self growth.  A child with two years in the same classroom will  have just as many new experiences during the second year, as the first. All classes meet from 8:45 am – 11:15 am


Room 1: A multi-age (3yrs-5yrs) classroom, with classes on Tuesday and Thursday or Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  Children in this class will be exposed to all of the academic and emotional needs expected for a good start to their learning career.


Room 2:  This class is only for children entering kindergarten the following September.  There is a strong emphasis on both emotional and academic preparedness for kindergarten.  These children come 5 days a week.

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