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Our Philosophy

Since 1971, Circle Center has served children 3-5 years old.  Open from September through May, it is staffed by experienced, professional educators of young children who are aware of the importance of using positive and consistent guidance techniques.


Spiritually:  Development of basic moral and spiritual concepts leading to the realization of God’s loving concern for each child’s uniqueness as an individual.

Physically:  Activities that support the development of both small and large motor skills and muscle development, along with balance and coordination.

Intellectually:  Direct experiences to prepare for a successful school career in language, math and science, while allowing each child to grow and develop as an individual at his or her own intellectual level.

Socially:  Encouragement to explore new relationships with peers and adults, while being instructed on socially acceptable behavior in individual relationships as well as group.

Emotionally:  A warm relaxed atmosphere where children can relate meaningfully to others and be confirmed of who they are as an individual.